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Psychology 2110 Lecture Notes - Toilet Training, Baby Talk, Attachment Theory


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Psychology 2110
Fangfang Li

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Child Development: An Introduction
Has some psycho effect on child, affects behavior and personality
Freud - impact on personality of people
How does it affect the child?
"Spoiling the child"
"Won't be independent"
Toilet Training and Weaning: best done by parents when child is young
Father of behaviorism
John B. Watson
Still a popular method, "cry it out", don't offer any comforting
Do for their own sake, not for the child's sake (to get enough sleep, etc)
Attachment theory: to be explored later on
You'll spoil the child if you pick it up when it cries or meet his/her needs.
Allows for them to respond to needs during the night
Mayan culture, very common to sleep with the child.
Children should sleep in their own bed and room.
Elongate vowels, high pitched, helps them understand language
Parantese speech
Sing-sound voice
Attract their attention
Form a relationship
Help language learning later on
Lots of benefits
Baby talk to the baby is good.
If parents have good relationship, more good to the child.
The quality of the love relationship between parents makes great difference in the happiness of
Good for physical, social development
Learn more about nature
Children learn through play, hence, let them play.
Chinese culture
Children learn best by sitting still and paying attention to what teachers and parents teach them.
The boy was raised as a dog -
Before six months of age
Shaken Baby Syndrome
Child care
Maternity support
Child abuse
Choosing social policy
Understand human nature
Why study?
Major themes:
First Day
9:30 PM
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