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Psychology 2110 Lecture Notes - External Validity, Internal Validity, Structured Interview


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Psychology 2110
Fangfang Li

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Create best possible atmosphere
Raising children
Choosing social policies
Yourself, better
Understanding human nature
Is developmental change just a matter of degree or a matter of kind?
Question we're asking isn't physical
How they think
How they reason
How they interact
Continuously or grow in stages?
Child psychology
Butterfly metamorphosis (discont)
Continuity vs Discontinuity
What mechanisms underly those changes?
Some of the challenges in investigating children's development
Less explored before because it's hard to study
How does change occur? How do we go from being babies to who we are today?
Mechanisms of Change
Major Themes, continued
Only covering these four themes especially. Less focus on the final three themes
That which is self-evident
Common sense:
What we have known to be true in the past
It has always been so
Because my mother, grandmother said so
Consult books written by child psychologists
I felt so
It is true to me
Some non-scientific methods
Not based on what you think
Not what other people said
Replicate it no matter who does it
Empirically tested
Not necessarily true
Taking babies away from mom right after birth
We cannot say something is true because it's standard
Empirical (vs normative)
Objective (vs subjective)
Systematic (vs. random)
Trying to update our knowledge level
Scientific method refers to bodies of techniques for investigating phenomena, acquiring new
knowledge or correcting and integrating previous knowledge
The Science
Why Study Cont...
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