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February 2, 2011
Sexual Selection and Humans Continued
Men value female cues of fertility
Low waist-to-hip ratito (WHR)
Large breasts
Large buttocks
Small feet
Age (youth)
WHR in women 0.67-0.95
Lower WHR =
Increased estrogen during the follicular phase of the menstrual cycle = regualr
cycles and ovulation
Decreased ovarian cysts
Decreased testosterone
Increased fertility
Mens preference of low WHR have probably existed for millennia
Women’s breasts range from AA to DD or larger
Increased breast size = increased estrogen during the follicular phase of menstrual
cycle = regular cycles and ovulation
Foot size in women ranges from 5 to > 15
Lager feet = pregnancy = zero chance of fertile mating
Chinese foot binding
Victorian corsets (modifying their rib cages, manipulating WHR)
The average women’s fertility peals at around 20 years of age and then rapidly
declines to zero at the age of 50
Top 10 porn searches on the internet
Large breasts
Cheating wives
Large penises
Dominance and submission
Men do not value youth, per se, they value fertility
Mating strategies will differ depending on whether an individual seeks to undertake:
Long-term mating
Short-term mating
In general individuals place more emphasis on physical qualities when pursuing a
short-term mating strategy

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February 2, 2011
Sexual reproduction has evolved
It is a way to eliminate mutations in genes
Out compete parasites
Women’s Bodies
Sex (Biological Sex)
A person’s biological status as defined by all, or some combination, of the following:
Internal reproductive organs
Secondary sexual characteristics
Chromosomal Sex
The nucleus of each of the body’s cell’s contains 46 chromosomes
23 from each parent
2 chromosomes are known as sex chromosomes and the other are known as
There are two types of sex chromosomes X and Y
Sperm carries either X or Y
Ova (or eggs) carry only X
Individuals have the “46 XX” chromosomes pattern usually develop in a female-
typical manner
Individuals have the “46 XY” chromosomes pattern usually develop in a male
typical manner
Gonadal sex
Ovaries - have 2 functions
Gamete production
Sex steroid hormone production
3 classes of sex steroid hormones
Androgens (example: male typical, testosterone) important for regulation
of the female of libido, rise closer to ovulation. Growth of pubic hair;
lower levels in females
Estrogens - regulating the female body, more in females; regulate the
menstrual cycle; regulate long bone growth
Progestins - produced by ovaries, maintaining pregnancy, regulation of
body temperature
Gamete sex
Ovum (pl. Ova)
Zona pellucida (tough outer layer)
Sperm needs to penetrate egg
Differentiating characteristics from sperm
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