PSYC 2850 - Human Sexuality - Class 3

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PSYC 2800
Thisis P S Y C2850- Human Sexuality N O T P S Y C2800

February 2 2011Sexual Selection and Humans ContinuedMen value female cues of fertilityLow waisttohip ratito WHRLarge breastsLarge buttocksSmall feetAge youthWHR in women 067095Lower WHRIncreased estrogen during the follicular phase of the menstrual cycleregualr cycles and ovulationDecreased ovarian cystsDecreased testosteroneIncreased fertilityMens preference of low WHR have probably existed for millenniaWomens breasts range from AA to DD or largerIncreased breast sizeincreased estrogen during the follicular phase of menstrual cycleregular cycles and ovulationFoot size in women ranges from 5 to15Lager feetpregnancyzero chance of fertile matingChinese foot bindingVictorian corsets modifying their rib cages manipulating WHRThe average womens fertility peals at around 20 years of age and then rapidly declines to zero at the age of 50Top 10 porn searches on the internetYouth GayLarge breastsCheating wivesVaginasLarge penisesMILFs AmateurAnimationDominance and submissionMen do not value youth per se they value fertilityMating strategies will differ depending on whether an individual seeks to undertakeLongterm matingShortterm matingIn general individuals place more emphasis on physical qualities when pursuing a shortterm mating strategy
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