PSYC 2850 - Human Sexuality - Class 5

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Thisis P S Y C2850- Human Sexuality N O T P S Y C2800

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February 16, 2011
Sexual Arousal
Sexual arousal is a state of sexual excitement
Psychological: involves sexual feelings, attractions, or desires
Physiological: involves changes in the genitalia
Psychological Sexual Arousal
Feelings of sexual arousal
Feelings of genital arousal (i.e., how aroused do my genitals feel?)
Feelings of emotional arousal (i.e., how turned on do I feel?)
Men’s and women’s subjective experiences of sexual arousal and orgasm are very
Sexual Fantasies
Occur during waking hours
Can be constrained or unconstrained by other individuals
Can occur during partnered sex (think about something else to become
aroused and orgasm)
Differences in the content of fantasies
Men: virgins, anal, group, MILFs, partners get undressed, younger partners,
mutual masturbation, oral, strangers, more adventurous, focus on visuals
and genitals, dominance
Women: marriage, commitment, feelings, submissive
Rape fantasies: common in women, threat of force from partner, erotic not
scary, in control of own fantasy, wanting a man to commit
Cognitive processes involving the evaluation of sexual stimuli may proceed sexual
arousal especially in women
Walen-Roth Cognitive Model of sexual arousal
1. Perception of a sexual stimulus
2. Positive evaluation
3. Arousal
4. Perception of arousal
5. Positive evaluation
6. Sexual behaviour
7.Perception of behaviour
8. Positive evaluation
8-->3; 8-->6; 5-->3
Physiological Sexual Arousal
Genital changes during sexual arousal
1. Vasocongestion
Women: labia pooling with blood, in vestibular bulbs cause tightening around
penis, labia majora can extend outward an wrap around penis
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