PSYC 2850 - Human Sexuality - Class 6

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University of Lethbridge
PSYC 2800
Thisis P S Y C2850- Human Sexuality N O T P S Y C2800

March 9 2011Sex DifferentiationIntersexualitySexual DifferentiationSexual determination formation of a zygote and whether or not it will be chromosomal male or femaleThe genital ridge embryonic gonads is bipotential testes and ovaries develop from the same precursor homologuesThe SRY gene determines how the genital ridge differentiatesSRY gene codes for testes transcription factionA pair of Dax1 genes govern development of ovaries all male embryos also has this gene but is inactive as it is not in a pairDeveloping embryos possess both a male and a female set of embryonic internal reproductive organsMaleWolffian duct epididimus vas deferens seminal vesicles ejaculatory ductFelmaleMullerian duct fallopian tubes uterus cervix upper vaginal canalEmbryonic internal reproductive organs must masculinize wolffian and defeminize mullerian in a male orfeminize mullerian and demasculinize wolffian in a femaleTestes secreteTestosteroneAntimullerian hormone AMHDuring embryonic development a single bipotential protogenital existsGenital swelling de
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