PSYC 2850 - Human Sexuality - Class 7

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PSYC 2800
Thisis P S Y C2850- Human Sexuality N O T P S Y C2800

March 16 2011Sex Differentiation and IntersexualityJohn Moneys Theory of Psychosexual Neutrality at BirthWhen you are born you are blank slatesAnd all gender differences are socializedRecommendations for intersex managementThe child must be raised unambiguously as either a boy or a girlTo do so the parents must be convinced that the child is a boy or a girlLikewise there must be no doubt in the mind of the intersexual patient that they are either male or femaleIn order for the child to be raised unambiguously the genitals must be corrected to match the assigned genderambiguously genitalia do threaten a babies life it threatens the cultureSex assignment surgery should occur asapDefinitely no later than two years of age or else the child is at risk of developing ambiguous gender identity becoming homosexualThis in turn will result in mental illnessDefining GenitalsPenisNeonate penis length range2845 cmWhat counts as a real penisLength must be25 cmMust have a urethra tube and a introitusUrethral introitus must be a the tip of the glansMust be able to penetrate a vaginaMust facilitate urination while standingClitorisNeonate clitoris length range02085 cmWhat counts as a real clitorisMust be09 cmMust not protrude from the labial foldsVaginaVaginal length range1012 cmWhat count as a real vaginaAbility to accept a normal size penis during penilevaginal intercourseSexual BehaviorCopulatory PosturesDorsalventral positionBack to stomachMost common position among mammalsNot the most common among humansVentralVentral copulation
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