PSYC 2850 - Human Sexuality - Class 7

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March 16, 2011
Sex Differentiation and Inter-sexuality
John Money’s Theory of Psychosexual Neutrality at Birth
When you are born you are blank slates
And all gender differences are socialized
Recommendations for inter-sex management
The child must be raised unambiguously as either a boy or a girl
To do so, the parents must be convinced that the child is a boy or a girl
Likewise, there must be no doubt in the mind of the inter-sexual “patient”
that they are either male or female
In order for the child to be raised unambiguously, the genitals must be
“corrected” to match the assigned gender
(ambiguously genitalia do threaten a babies life it threatens the culture)
Sex assignment surgery should occur asap
Definitely no later than two years of age or else the child is at risk of
developing ambiguous gender identity, becoming homosexual
This, in turn, will result in mental illness
Defining Genitals
Neonate penis length; range = 2.8-4.5 cm
What counts as a “real penis?
Length must be > 2.5 cm
Must have a urethra tube and a introitus
Urethral introitus must be a the tip of the glans
Must be able to penetrate a vagina
Must facilitate urination while standing
Neonate clitoris length; range = 0.2-0.85 cm
What counts as a “real” clitoris?
Must be < 0.9 cm
Must not protrude from the labial folds
Vaginal length; range = 10-12 cm
What count as a “real” vagina?
Ability to accept a “normal” size penis during penile-vaginal intercourse
Sexual Behavior
Copulatory Postures
Dorsal-ventral position
Back to stomach
Most common position among mammals
Not the most common among humans
Ventral-Ventral copulation
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