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Thisis P S Y C2850- Human Sexuality N O T P S Y C2800

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March 23, 2011
Sex & Sexual Orientation Differences in Sexual Arousal
Tools used to measure sexual arousal
Measuring genital blood flow in males - penile plethysmography
Watch different types of stimuli (porn, other neutral subjects)
Measuring genital blood flow in females - vaginal photoplethysmography (VPP)
Research done by Michael Bailey and Meredith Chivers
Sex difference in genital arousal
In men:
Their genitals respond greatly to their preferred sex
In women:
They respond equally to their preferred (men) sex or non-preferred (women)
Women will respond equally to any form of porn based on the sex of the
Sex difference in category-specificity
Category-specificity: sexual arousal that is dependent on certain features of
stimulus (eg. Sex, age, species, ect.)
Heterosexual amen’s sexual arousal is category specific
Non-category-specificity: sexual arousal that is not dependent on certain features
of stimulus
Heterosexual women’s sexual arousal is non-category-specific with respect to
the sex of the actor
Heterosexual men and women watched video of human and bonobo sexual
interactions while their genital arousal was measured
Women are genitally aroused to video of bonobo sexual interactions
Women exhibit category-specificity with respect to species
Significantly aroused more relative to the bonobo than to the neutral stimuli
Significantly aroused more relative to humans than to bonobo
Sex differences in sexual concordance
Sexual concordance: the relationship between genital and self-reported sexual
Men are typically more sexually concordant than women
Ex. What women say they like does not match the arousal in their genitals
Can VPP detect category specific arousal?
Androphilic (classic transexual) birth sex is male: sexually attracted and aroused to
Gynephillic: sexually attracted and aroused to women
Decided to test transexual women who have surgically constructed vaginas
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