PSYC 2850 - Human Sexuality - Class 10

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University of Lethbridge
PSYC 2800
Thisis P S Y C2850- Human Sexuality N O T P S Y C2800

Sexual Orientation The prenatal hormone hypothesis of Sexual orientationHow androgen levels influence sexual developmentHomosexuals not exposed to enough testosterone prenatally at a critical point in developmentAndrophilic Variable in males and femalesThreshold if below the thresholdline males have not received enough androgens so they develop sexual preferences in an androphilic wayFemales who produce more androgens than threshold develop gynephilic tendenciesExperimentally manipulation testosterone levels prenatally in animal models results in sexatypical brain development and sexatypical sexual partner preference in adulthoodSDN sexually dimorphic nucleusAmount of testosterone is only influential in sexual preference when injected around the time of birthIf injected around puberty would just become more interested in sexWomen affected with CAH are much more likely to express sexual interest in samesex sexual partners than unaffected womenPrenatal exposure to hormones but there are likely only things influencing sexual orientationSexual orientation is not an isolated traitGay men and lesbians are genderatypical for various behavioural cognitive personality physiological and morphological traitsThis is what we would predict based on the prenatal hormone hypothesisChildhood behaviourChildhood genderatypicality in boys is highly predictive of adult homosexualityRetrospective studies as adults about their childhood on a scale of 17Prospective more difficult start with kids and follow them into adulthoodAdult behaviourSex difference is gaitSwagger men move shoulders moreSwaysashay women hip movementGay men and lesbians are genderatypical in terms of their gaitGenderatypical gait voice posture used when spotting someone whom you think is homosexual without explicit knowledge of that persons sexual orientation gaydarCognition Sex differences in targeting accuracy
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