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University of Lethbridge
PSYC 3325
John Usher

Help seeking and perceived need for helpPpl from minority groups have problems asking for help 78 used mental health services in the past yearabout half of those seeking help had a concurrent psjcytiric diagnosis The vast majority sough help from outpatient service provides Over 75 of those with a diagnosed disorder in the past year did not seek help hoever 271 of two who sough help did not qualify for a diagnosis Theres a mismatch between ppls need and the care perceivedStrongest predictor of help seeking was psychiatric diagnosis and was also associated with marital disruption and povertyAnother study says thou that prof services are underusedOnly about 5 out of 10 women with at least one lifetime psychitiatric disorder sough out mental health servicesThe presence of 3 or more comorbid disorders was associate dwith increased likelihood of seeking help but it was still the case that 35 of women with 3 or more disorder didnt seek helpThe problem of underused may be underestimated cuz women are more willing to get help than menGender diff in the use of outpatient mental health services for mood disorders anxiety disorders substance use disorders and anti social beh Past year prevalence of seeking help was 87 with another 29 indicating a need for help wit
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