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PSYC 3325
John Usher

Hypnosis ● hypnosis is specific form of verbal control that apparenlty enables one person to control another person's behaviour, thoughts, and perceptions ● Franz Anton Mesmer discovered modern hypnosis when he found that he could pass magnets back and forth over people's body adn they would often have convulsions and enter trancelike state during which almost miracuolous cures could be achieved  later discovered that patients were not affected directly by magnetism of iron rods but were responding to his persuasive and compelling personality  had psychologically produced symptoms that were alleviated by suggestions made while they were hyptonized Characteristics of Hypnosis ● person undergoing hypnosis can be alert, relaxed, tense, lying quietly or exercising vigorously – only essential feature is person's understanding that they are to be hypnotized ● hypnotized people are very suggestible – behaviour will conform to what hypnotist suggests even to extent that they may appear to msperceive reality ● hypnotic suggestions are 1 of 3 types:  ideomotor suggestions – hypnotist suggests particular action will occur without awareness of voluntary action (raising an arm)  challenge suggestions - hypnotized individual will be unable to perform normally voluntary action  cognitive suggestions – hypnotized person is undergoing distortions of sensory or cognitive experiences (not feeling pain, not being able to remember someting) ● Posthypnotic suggestibility – tendency of person to perform behaviour suggested by hypnotist some time after person has left hypnotic state ● Posthypnotic amnesia – failure to remember what occured during hypnosis; induced by suggestions made during hypnosis ● studies indicate that when changes in perception are induced throug
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