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Stimulating or Inhibiting Release of Transmitter Substances.docx

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PSYC 3325
John Usher

Stimulating or Inhibiting Release of Transmitter Substances ● some drugs stimulate terminal button to release transmitter substance continuously when axon isnt firing or can inhibit release of ts when axon is firing ● effects of drugs more or less specific to one ts  venom of black widow spider releases acetycholine – severe cramps, may survive  botulism toxin prevents release of acetylcholine – paralysis and suffocates Stimulating or Blocking Postsynaptic Receptor Molecules ● some drugs duplicate effects of ts by directly stimulating particular kind of receptor molecule  eg. nicotine stimulates acetycholine receptors – low does = pleasureable effect, high dose = convulsions and death ● some drugs block receptor molecules making them inaccessible to ts  eg. curare disovered in Samerica – blocks acetylcholine receptors  antipsychotic drugs Inhibiting Reuptake ● some drugs inhibit reuptake so that molecules of ts continue to stimulate postsynaptic receptor molecules for long time  eg. cocaine and amphetamine inhibits reuptake of ts including dopamine Drugs that cause sedation ● depress behaviour causing sedation, relaxation, or loss of consiousness ● barbitautes – drug that causes sedation; one of several derivatives of barbituric acid  calming effect in low doses but cause coma and death in just a li
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