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Lecture 5

Psychology 3845 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Umbilical Cord, Bifidobacterium, Anise

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Psychology 3845
Barrett Louise

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Building babies October 17th and 19th, 2016
Bio cultural aspects of birth
- Ofte thik of hua irth as diffiult irth
Obstetric Dilemma
- An ancient problem
- Head size has increased
- Evolution of Bipedalism
- Human: short pelvis and bowl shaped
- Chimps: long pelvis
- The shift to a bipedalism stance, bowl shaped pelvis is how we get an obstetric
- A. Afarensis squished down, a lot smaller
- H. Sapiens needs to rotate a lot in order to get out (comes out facing
downwards) Needed assistance throughout time during the birthing process
- Male versus female pelvis
- Female: wider pelvis does not allow you to run as fast (constraint)
- Correlation between pelvis shape and if you have a smaller head and if you are
taller or shorter
- Female: short round shape pelvis / tall heart shape pelvis
- Male: short round shape pelvis / tall heart shape pelvis
Copariso to a ale ideal
- Assuming that somehow selection is primarily on the pelvis for bio-mechanical
- But for females the selection is based on how to move effectively and how to
give birth effectively
- Women has been selected to be good at both of these things (moving and
- Alysia Montano: ran in the USA trails 800m in 2 minutes and 32 seconds
- The idea that eig pregat ad you at ru/should not do athletic activities
while pregnant is not agreeable
- The theme that the pelvis has put a constraint on massive activity is bogus
- Obstetrical dilemma: Main constraint is coming from the evolution or the pelvis
- EGG hypothesis: the selection pressure is coming on the infant or the mother
the offspring body and brain size that selection is acting here not the pelvis
that is the constraint but how fast the offspring growths based on maternal
- When the baby is nine months of age it is born siply eause the other at
provide enough energy to provide the offspring with growth
- The amount of energy the infant needs is really what triggers labour
- The babies growth/birth is simply determined by the mothers energy limits
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