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Lecture 7

Psychology 3845 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Erving Goffman, Nominalism, Labeling Theory

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Psychology 3845
Barrett Louise

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The looping effects of human kinds October 31 November 2
The self as a biosocial process
- What he is saying here is that everything we do does indeed have biological
constraints, clearly there are things of the human body that does make the
human body and the brain possible
Ia Hakig: The loopig effets of hua kids
- What Hacking is talking about in this paper is how that certain human kinds are
created under certain human constraints
- Distinguishing between the kind of things humans can be, which causes science
to be a bit more problematic compared to other things in the world
- Natural Kind
- No matter what thing you find in the environment and different habitats will
always be the same (i.e. looking at hydrogen that is located in different
Identity is an on-going process of construction
- Ian Hacking is going to ask what it means to be a person? Part of what it means
to be a person in a human world especially in the large scale industrial society
comes about from the categories we use to describe them
- Hacking begins to talk about the labels we associate it with Label makes no
difference to the whiskey
- Its idifferet to the laels e lael. But lael akes a huge differee to the
person. Human kinds of what we can call them interactive kinds they look at the
label and live by it
- Ca e alled iteratie kid, dyai oialis, dialetial realis
- We are both the subject and object of our studies: the human mind studies what
the human mind does, etc. This is essentially a really difficult enterprise
The looping effect
- We use natural science to predict and explain the world Human science
involves looping effects
- The reason why the looping effects happens more in the society we live in is
because of the greater preference of the studying of other people (various kinds
of surveys taken, government involvement in understanding how we can
improve public health)
- What the looping effect does is we study people and categorize them in specific
ways. This information is then distributed out into society. The consequence of
studying the interactive kind (the human kind) can change throughout time
- The kind of person changes and then further studies are under taken and now
new information has changed the nature of what we know. Now new
information is placed out in the society and changes the loop
- When he talks about the labeling theory and extinguishing yourself. Labeling
theory is when you assign individual to particular categories
- Choose your self-presentations carefully, for what starts out as a mask may
become your face
- Books (Asylums by: Erving Goffman)
- Changes space of possibilities for personhood
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