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Lecture 4

Psychology 3845 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Attachment Parenting, Kangaroo Care, Behaviorism

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Psychology 3845
Barrett Louise

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How to make a human October 3rd and 5th, 2016
‘eie fro last eeks readigs - Paper #1
Agta Fertility
- Lives in the Philippines, various levels of hunting and gathering
- Neolithic age is essentially the rise of agriculture the new Stone Age
- Genetic engineering: wheat is now a lot bigger, bolder, and more productive.
Now it just takes longer, you have to breed through generations
- Domestication for ild heat oe eerthig is doe to pest defese,
competition with neighbours, seed distribution, feeding fungi and soil treatment
then we can focus on feeding the seed production (the wheat)
- Iproed heat – by the process of domesticating we can strictly focus on the
seed production all because fossil fuels are able to take care of the rest of the
important features
- That is why these women who are settling are able to increase their fertility
because they are all relaxed, able to store fat, not traveling around constantly.
Therefore these women would have a higher fertility rate
- Increase disease in settled communities because you are still staying where you
have left your waste, therefore they are more high in fertility their children are
higher in mortality because they are prone to diseases
Health ≠ Fitess
- Natural selection does not care if oure health or ot, ore oered etirel
about the fitness itself
Relativism and Ethnocentrism
- France Boris ou at judge aother ulture ut oe ultures stadards. You
need to study it by their standards
- Ethnocentrism studying other culture by using the standards of your own
culture because you believe your culture is superior
- Accepting that a way in which a particular society functions with their own costs
and benefits when we talk about how much better we have it, we also have to
remember the costs that have come with our culture today (relativism)
- We have to realize that fact of modern industrial society with established public
health infrastructure does not mean that we do not have public health problems
- These people, this is what they are doing. But are they really representing all
hunter-gathers lifestyle? Or are they really representing the Neolithic era?
- Can you really use the Agta is the Philippines to make a generalized statement on
all hunter-gathers or all groups in the Neolithic era
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How to make a human October 3rd and 5th, 2016
Paper #2
Public Health
- The point here is that even as we solve particular problems for ourselves, those
solutions might even need solving for themselves.
- We will never solve all public health issues
- These institutions are going to take care of all of us and how these public health
problems are going to be solved and taken away
Duffy Blood Group
- Certain part of Africa you have frequency of this XY genotype and how did it
come about?
- The causal story is that the negative-negative blood type did not necessarily rose
from this malaria but just possibly risen from something completely different
- We dot ko hat protetio hae ourred – could be a bi-product of
another adaptation
Old friends
- Having worms usually was not a bad things because the worms help to protect
against certain health issues
Lactose tolerant and intolerant
- Some cultures can tolerant diary and other cultures can not
- But it is true that if you are partaking in a diary consumed diet there are
definitely health benefits (taller)
- But in reality you have to look at it, as is it better to be taller? Not really because
you need a bigger bed, bigger trains, bigger rooms, bathrooms, etc. But this is a
very large expense
- Not always good to encourage people to be taller because we think about is it
really beneficial to be taller?
Antibiotic resistance
- 80% of antibiotics are fed to poultry and livestock in the USA to help feed off
- This eventually gets into humans there are some stomach bacteria that is
antibiotic resistant because it comes from farm animals
- Antibiotic resistance comes from how we feed our farm animals
Structure and style
- Issues of organization: the methods are the most important part; they should be
right at the beginning. Then when you are reading the results you can look right
to the methods and see the relationship to if they are done right or wrong
because of how the methods were done
- Jargon
- Length: major issue here! A lot of classmates were frustrated cause we could not
get a lot out of the paper as much as we wanted
- Objectivity: is it biased or is it not? At least being aware of the possibility of bias
thats h the ethods are iportat, the iases a e hidde if oure ot
pointing them out
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