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WRIT 1000
Neil Stubbs

Rhetoric: skilled use of language to achieve a certain intention 2) domestic abuse rhetoric – country and western Narrative Mode - Tells a story - Often uses 3 person of 1 person voice - MODES OF EXPRESSION: - -----descriptive ------narrative----expository---------argumentative (persuasive) - right, more purpose driven (left, less purpose driven) o Descriptive --- involves the senses rd st o Narrative – tells a story using a 3 person narrative voice or 1 person voice – subjectively involved in the action.  What is the value of using the “I” construction? What are it’s drawbacks?  May need to have a point or moral (NOT just storytelling)  Usually related sequentially according to time  Chronological arrangement o Expository Mode  Reveals, instructs, explains something to reader  Often uses one or more of these strategies:  Comparison / contrast  Division / classification  Cause and effect  Process analysis  Casual analysis vs. Process analysis LWhy vs. how.  Other exposotpry straregies include : o Definition o Example or illustration - These are used to explan information to instruct the reader. - Argumentative (persuasive) Mode o Takes a position and tries to prove its point o Sometimes tries to persuade audience to change its mind or take action o Often tries to persuade through evidence, facts, data. o May also try to persuade through appeal to emotions, or through character of the author. - What is GENRE? - Text – anything that is written – any form of communication whether it is visual, spoken, or written. - Litereature: novel, poem, play, short story. - Text – body of work. - Situation + form = genre - Accordomg tp go;trpw “language depend upon and responds to the social and political contexts that produce it. “ (5) - “language is NEVER innocent” - personalities are shaped by our social conditions. – the way wwe access material and use language is also shaped - anything we srite is also shaped by this. - Genre - - Consider these genres : o dating ads o sports writing (eg. In Calgary sun) o scholarly articles What type of form characterizes these genres? How is this type of form appropriate for the intended audience. - Subject, Audience, Purpose o Your choice of genre may depend on your subject, audience and purpose.
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