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Modes of Expression 8/23/2013 1:05:00 AM There are four major modes of expression: 1) Descriptive : Simple, yet the most essential  May use spatial arrangement  Can use denotative or connotative language  Physical presence doesn’t have to be there in order to be descriptive  Similes and metaphors can be used to substitute another sensory experience  Spatial arrangement describes how something appears in space  Denotative language explains the direct meaning and refers to exact terminology  Connotative refers to something left unsaid, and is highly subjective 2) Narrative Mode  Every culture starts to speak of themselves in the narrative mode – if you do not have a literature you do not have a culture o Tells a story o Often uses 3 rdor 1 person voice o Has a point or moral o Usually related sequentially, according to time ; we are so used to having the order of past, present, future. Our
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