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Writing 1000- Persuasion and Appeals

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WRIT 1000

Writing 1000 th Nov.19 , 2013 Persuasion: - It is of course a large field - Our real goal is to give a way to arrange your analysis - Want to make your analysis convincing; probable to your reader - Rhetoric is inseparable from social life o Rhetoric is also linked to ethics and morals o Plato is looking at unchangeable truths o Aristotle studied the things he found carefully - There is an idea that rhetoric is not as serious as philosophy o Sophistry had a bad rep - The things we know and understand are probable, they are socially constructed  rhetorical truth - Rhetoric was a very positive thing o Developed a more positive reputation o Way to generate knowledge about any topic and an essential force for civilization - Sophists came to be seen as very clever but don’t do much o Very articulate - Sophists more interested in kairos o Kairos: the right or appropriate moment o Kairos  genre o Based on timeliness o They know when do be silent, when to pause, when to make a joke etc. o Say the right thing at the right time o Comes back to the idea of rhetorical situation  Knowing your audience, your purpose - Sophists tend to be skeptics o They were precursors to genre theory - The Seven Liberal Arts are important to us here and now because: o We are at an institution that has a liberal education  Doesn’t hurt to study different areas; helps in the long run; may become useful at some point o Foster Wallace  thinking about how you think  We know how to think, but think about what we think about  There is value in the liberal arts o Someone who is becoming an accountant doesn’t need to know just math, but being able to understand how to read and write will be beneficial - Renaissance – Present o Invention of the printing press o Rhetoric began to be applied to printed documents o We are living through a time in which information is so widely available that it is bewildering - There is a lot of value in rhetoric o Began to link ancient rhetoric with modern rhetoric in the 20 Century after rhetoric became lost in the 19 Century - Rhetoric becomes more popular when the going gets tough o Be able to interpret the information around us o New modes of technology changes who we are  Now we are texting, emailing etc.  Will have good and bad effects to this new change - Rhetoric can explain things about the world. Help us become better critics. - Three Kinds of Persuasive Orations: o Deliberative  Deals with political life  Looking into the future o Forensic  Looking back into the past  Topics
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