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Writing 1000- Metadiscourse, Quotations, and Concluding Paragraphs

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WRIT 1000

Writing 1th0 Dec.5 Research Papers due Dec.11 th Final Exam is Monday, Dec.16 2:00-5:00pm in room E 630 Paragraphs: - Unit: “one thing” - Coherence: everything you said about that one thing fits together o All the information blends and makes sense - Never write a paragraph if you don’t know how to transition between that paragraph and the next paragraphs to come o Chapter 3 will help with transitions Metadiscourse: - The handout is a collection of expressions related to a function or purpose o It provides ways in which to word different thoughts o Use these to your advantage o After using them and becoming comfortable with them you can learn to play around with them and make them your own - Metadiscourse: is language about language o A way to maintain contact with your sources and readers o About how to think about the content  Makes your readers think more thoroughly about what you are saying - Infrastructure- way to create a text that holds together - “Style is meaningful” o How you style your work is an impression you leave to your audience o Your style can help to create a better “story” for your readers - You want to meet the needs of the reader o They read your work to learn something new o You are creating knowledge for them to use in the future o They can use your work to help with their work - Why would someone read your work? o To learn and know something o Your work is significant o This is how knowledge is made - Common reporting verbs and knowledge making verbs o These help to signal knowledge-making o Describe action o Moving away from belief and feeling  You want to be assertive and show your readers you know what you are talking about o In scholarly context you need to use the language of reason - Modalizing expressions o Signal that you are aware of limitations of your knowledge o But also that you are participating in the cycle of making knowledge - Limiting expressions o Work against generalization o Build in limiting expressions to show your readers you understand there are limitations to your knowledge o Limitations are a positive thing not a negative thing  Understand that knowledge is always being made  This is a positive thing because it adds to existing knowledge and provides more knowledge to other people  More knowledge = better understandings - Create a knowledge deficit closer to your thesis - Use this lexicon to your advantage Quotations - Janus (two-sided coin): use a state of existing knowledge (looking back) to construct a knowledge deficit (looking forward) - Citations are the “engine” that enables us to make new knowledge out of existing knowledge - Three classes of citations: o Direct quotation- exact words of a source enclosed in quotation marks o Paraphrase- restatement of a part of some else’s words and ideas put in to your own words  Want to transport idea from the original source  Can use to clarify what you are trying to say  Can be an intermediate between direct quotation and summary  Be sure to cite when paraphrasing • If you don’t this is plagiarism o Summary- reporting of the “gists” or main idea of an entire work  Summary makes it transportable  Brings work of others into yours
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