AN SC110 Lecture Notes - Canine Tooth, Permanent Teeth, Malocclusion

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20 Nov 2011
Dental problems (1-5 years, most common)
Retained incisor/premolar cap get pointy caps and
the horse trys to work his face with his tongue a lot.
Impaction of erupting incisors a baby tooth which
was not lost at the correct time impeding tooth that is
trying to erupt.
Malocclusion from cap retention misalignment of
the teeth due to cap retention
Eruption bumps deciduous (baby) teeth being
pushed off the pre molars from permanent teeth
trying to erupt, just inflammation. Miniature horses
get this quite extreme
Un-erupted wolf teeth positioned quite close to
where a bit is usually positioned, so this can interfere
with riding.
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