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Anatomy 200 - Male Reproductive System

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David Begg

Male Reproductive System Functions of the male reproductive system - Produce male gametes (spermatozoa) - Deliver male gametes to the female reproductive tract Organization of the Male Reproductive System - Testes – production of spermatozoa and the male sex hormone, testosterone - Ducts – Sperm storage, maturation and transport - Accessory glands – secrete majority of seminal fluid and secretions function in maintenance and maturation of sperm - Penis – Male organ of copulation and common pathway for urine and semen Semen consists of spermatozoa and secretions of accessory glands Spermiogenesis - Final stage of spermatogenesis - Transformation of round spermatid into asymmetric spermatozoon o Condensation of nucleus o Formation of acrosome o Development of flagellum Spermatozoon - Mitochondria in midpiece produce ATP that generates the beating of the flagellum Acrosome - Breaks down when sperm contacts egg - Contains enzymes that bore hole in zona pellucida - Allows sperm to reach plasma membrane of egg - Egg and sperm plasma membranes fuse at fertilization Immune considerations - At birth, testes contain only spermatogonia and sertoli cells - Spermatocytes and spermatids and sperm do not develop until puberty - Immune system established shortly after birth - Immune system would therefore se
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