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Breeding (part I)

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Animal Science
AN SC110
Doug Milligan

BreedingConsiderations Before BreedingIdentify strengths and Weaknessbreeder must be knowledgabke enough to spot strengths and weaknesses of breeding stock Environment Rearedshould be the same as working environment ie dont breed a halter horse for ranch work Special care and training Petsmust breed for quality proven Capabilitiesmust be able to do what you wantbreeders must breed with a plan for where to sell their horses Breeding SystemsGradingUpUpgradebreed your mare to a stallion better than her CrossBreedingheterozygousity Outbreedingsame breed but no common ancestor Inbreedingmate 2 individuals with common ancestory on both sides Linebreedinginbreeding focusing on a single ancestorEffect on Progress Number of traitsthe more traits you select for the less progress you can make in each Heritability Size of herdmore to chose frm Inbreeding Starting levelimprove faster when you start lower Culling ratestricter culling ratefaster progressEnvironment location nutrition health care hoof care training mare vs Genetics stallion mare a good environment is necessary to show full genetic potentialTrait Heritability Reproduction Low Speed Medium Intelligence Agility Endurance Cow Sense Disposition Size Confirmation Colour High 100 genetic
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