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Dan Syrotuik

Nov 16/12: Marriage and Family November-16-12 7:59 AM Why Monogamous Marriages? - Balanced sex ratio - Wage labour: both men and women can work. When you have wage labour you have taxes - Religious or Legally sanctioned: In societies with monogamousmarriages it's usually becauseit's the only kind of marriage allowed. - No immediate benefitsto polygamy: societies that don't practice polygamy usually don't because there aren't enough benefits to do so. Marital Exchanges - Economictransaction that will occur between the familiesof the people who are gettingmarried. ○ Brideservice  In exchange for the loss of the daughter,the future husband will providea service for the bride'sfamily.  The length of time is negotiated with the family.  This is the most common form of exchange among foragers. ○ Brideprice/Bridewealth  In exchange for a spouse, the future husband and his family will compensatethe bride'sfamily with material goods.  The price is negotiated between the families.  This is common among horticulturalists and pastoralists ○ Dowry  The bride will receive part of her inheritance in advance to contribute to her new family.  Daughters with bigger dowries get more potential suitors.  Common among food producers. ○ Gift Exchange  One form of gift exchange gives gifts to the bride and groom.  Another form is the exchange of gifts between the families of the bride and groom. □ The bride and groom receive nothing because they will live with either the bride or the grooms family and therefore they don't need things to start their lives independently of their parents. □ This is common where the bride and groom will live with either set of relatives. Other forms of exchange ○ S
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