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Dan Syrotuik

Oct 31/12: Language October-31-12 7:56 AM Other differences in Communication - Paralanguage:extralinguistic noises thataccompanylanguage (grunts,moans,pitch,pauses,etc.) - Proxemics:the studyof how peoplestructurethe spacearound themwhen interactingwith others. - Kinesics:the studyof body movementsthataccompany speech asa component ofcommunication Historical Linguistics - Why do languages change? ○ Ex. When we invent new things we must come up with a new word for it. ○ Syntax rarelychanges ○ Pronunciation rarelychanges ○ Great vowelshift -> vowels beganto sound quite different ○ The come in contact with otherlanguages and borrow words fromone another. - How are languages related to one another? ○ The more you havein common you have with anotherlanguagethe more likely you havesomethingin common with another ancestor. ○ Ex. English is considered to be part of the Germanicfamily of languages- meaningat one point it came from the same population - What wereancestral languages like? ○ More fiction that real science as we would needto have all languages around. ○ The problemwith this is that today there are more languages that are extinct than exist. Lots of necessary evidence missing(i.e. speech,writing) - How longago have languages separated? Linguists have developed anumberof methods(i.e. datingmethods) t
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