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Sep 1412 Natural Selection Human Evolution.pdf

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Dan Syrotuik

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Sep 14/12: Natural Selection/ Human Evolution September-14-12 7:42 AM Sep 14, 20... - How do parents pass on their characteristics (mendell first to experience this) - Where does the variation comefrom? DNA Chromosomes Nucleotides Bases Adenine Thymine Cytosine Guanine 2 long chains of nucleotides are linked to bases A-T C-G Chromosomesare very long chains of nucleotides Humans have 46 chromosomesOR 23 pairs (23 from one parent and 23 from the other) 23rd pair decides whether someoneis going to be male or female Cparents chromosomesare copied and carried in an egg How do we make copies? - Chromosomesmust duplicate themselves. ○ 2 sides will separate ○ After seperation each strand will be copied ○ This is the beginning of separation Mistakes/Changes/Mutations- - When the two sides separate, sometimesone of the nucleotides could break off from the chain Mutations Neutral - the new allele will not affect the individuals chances of surviving Ex. There is no negative implication from having blood type A instead of O Negative
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