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Sep 2412 Primates Cont'd....pdf

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Dan Syrotuik

Sep 24/12: Primates Cont'd.... September-24-12 7:57 AM Sep 24, 2012  Generalized dental pattern (2-1-2-3 or 2-1-3-3) Cont'd... □ Eterodonts means that something has different kinds of teeth  Lack of specializationin teeth and diet - Postcranial  Means everythingBUT the skull  Prehensile hands and feet with pentadactily (means 5 fingers on each hand/foot)  Opposable thumb and big toe  Retention of the collar bone (clavicle) □ Allows us to use tools  Large brain-to-body size ratio □ People use to refer to this as the measure of intelligence □ It's actuallyan indicationof how long an individual grows after birth and how much behavior is learned.  Erect upper body □ Means we don't need our hands to balance and can use them to grasp and manipulate objects  Diversity of modes of locomotion □ 4 Basic types:  Vertical Clinging and Leaping ◊ These type of animals tend to live in environments where the trees are relatively small so most of the food is not on far away branches, it's more in the middle. ◊ Are propelled by jumping ◊ Not very adaptive to life on the ground ◊ Very long legs, short arms  Brachiation ◊ Arms/hands/fingers are very long compared to their legs ◊ They livein tropical rainforest ◊ Mainly consume fruits ◊ Not overly adaptive to lifeon the ground (vulnerable on the ground) ◊ Gibbons  Knuckle-walking ◊ Gorillas/Apes/Chimpanzees ◊ Long hands/arms/fingers make them adaptive to livingin trees ◊ Support weight on knuckles ◊ Palms are sensitive ◊ Relativelylong arms compared to legs however not to the extent of Brachiation ◊ Adult male Gorillas do not climb very much (too large), the female ones will climb more  Quadrupedal ◊ Walks on all fours ◊ Legs are larger than arms however not to the extent of Vertical Clinging/Leaper
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