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Francois Larose

LECTURE NOTES ANTHROPOLOGY DECEMBER 3 APPLIED ANTHROPOLOGY & GLOBALIZATION - APPLIED ANTHRO is not a discipline or specialization within anthropology, just a modern applications. - started 30-40 years ago when a lot of cultures were being essentially forced to change, countries being forced to develop. applied anthro was a response. GLOBALIZATION - the process by which nations are drawn into a single world economy - it has diminished the regional distinctiveness found in many parts of the world. - local products and economies are being swallowed up by globalization. FORMS OF GLOBALIZATION old way of doing this: TERRITORIAL EXPANSION / IMPERIALSIM - think of what the Europeans did when they came to the Americas or conquered Africa. - forced local populations to start producing things for their way of life - acculturation RELIGIOUS IMPERIALISM - not talking about the spread of religious because people want to change their religion, we're talking about govts who won't help other countries unless they change their ways of doing things. - ie. george bush threatened to cut off funding to developing countries if they don't ban abortion ECONOMIC IMPERIALISM - today we don't even have to occupy a territory to force them to change - people like WTO force people to produce what we want or suffer the consequences of economic sanction. CULTURAL IMPERIALISM - more subtle - take for example, the film industry: in this world of free trade, when negotiating with Korea, they set aside a 102 days a year when theatres have to show Korean films. When USA was negotiating with Korea, they negotiated that down to 50 days or something. What does that have to do with free trade? USA isn't showing Korean films. One way street. BIOLOGICAL IMPERIALISM - HUMAN GENOME DIVERSITY project, not to be confused with human genome project, was about trying to get blood samples from all human populations, to capture the relatively rare allele's so before these pop's disappear, we have their genes. This sounds noble, but it is the way they did it that is ignoble. They didn't try to explain to them, they just lied to them and said they were there to treat for disease. after their blood was stolen, these people never returned, never shared their property, lied to them, never helped them at all. after stealing their property and their culture, now they've stolen their blood. now it really doesn't matter if they exist, we have their entire essence without them. Nothing wrong with this idea, it is the way they carried out the project that was unethical. - WHAT NEXT? ORGANS? APPLIED ANTHROPOLOGY - the use of anthropological knowledge and techniques for the purpose of solving "practical" problems - not really a specialization like physical anthro or archaeology... just using anthro knowledge to solve practical problems - ie columbia, govt was selling lots of lands to large corporations (like big pharma) - anthropologists said, don't buy this land and take it from these populations, hire these people to bring you the plants, they know them, they know their properties, and they can keep their land. WHY DID PEOPLE FEEL THE NEED FOR APPLIED ANTHRO? The pace of Change is accelerating in most societies. The consequences of globalization are generally negative for non-industrial societies. Watch video online: "ENJOY YOUR MEAL" Globalization affects cultures economically, politically and socially. - once you alter the way people acquire their food, it has a number of consequences for their ENTIRE CULTURE. change the way they access resources, modify completely their way of life. - this is why a lot of cultures see globalization as a form of colonization. they have NO CHOICE in the matter - this is why there is resistance to free trade, FREE TRADE TENDS TO ONLY WORK IN ONE DIRECTION. - why don't they want McDONALD'S in some countries? In many cultures, meal time is important. it is when the family gets together to eat and catch up. this culture of EAT AND RUN or eat and watch tv is extremely detrimental to the family. It is not just about the product, it is about the WAY OF LIFE, the VALUES that are being sold with McDonald's. CONSEQUENCES OF GLOBALIZATION - the idea is not to stop trade altogether. but we must do somethign to protect local cultures. LOSS OF TRADITIO
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