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Francois Larose

Racial Conflicts racism ethnicity and ethnic conflictsThree forms of racismIndividual Racism Individual acts that overtly reflect racist attitudesbeliefs This is the easiest one to identify ie racial slurs jokes etcSystemic and Institutional Racism Ie racism in the criminal justice system police profiling racism in the educational systemall whites author on a course reading listCultural racism value system that supports and allows discriminatory actions against racially and ethnoculturally marginalized communitiesIs ethnicity different from raceEthnicity can be subjective category meaning we versus othersEthnicity can also be an objective category based on common origin attachment to a home country and language Irish consider themselves a different group while we consider all irish to be a one groupMore importantly ethnicity can be invented just as races are created to serve a purposeWhat is an ethnic conflicts1a situation in which two or more groups pursue incompatible goal2 the goal of at least one party are defined in ethnic termsat least one party will clain that ethnic identity is the reason why their members cannot acheieve their goals ie when they say that we are a different ethnicity chicniya when they said they were muslims they go supportWhat is the outcome of the ethnic conflict 1Genocideethnic cleansing an orchestrated effort to eradicate members of devalued groupsAssimilation the process by which minorities begin to lose their distinctive through absorption into the ongoing activities and objectives of the dominant societysegregation the process or practice of separating groups on the basis of race or cultureintegration the process or practice of incorporating minorities into the mainstream to participate as equal without losing their cultural or ethnic beliefs or customs very complicatedRacism in Canadian HistorySlaveryno dates for the final
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