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ANTHR101 Lecture Notes - Speciation, Natural Selection, Heredity

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Dan Syrotuik

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Natural Selection
Species gradually change to suit their environment
Darwin concluded the following:
In order for NS to occur, traits must be genetically inherited
Cannot occur unless there is variation between individuals. W/O variation there is always the same characteristics passed on from generation
to generation. W/O variation species can't change.
Fitness: a measure of how adapted you are to your environment
Sometimes adapting to your environment isn't necessarily beneficial throughout life - what once may have given a species an edge may turn
out to be very limiting.
Why and how species change.
A trait must be inherited to have importance in natural selection
Natural selection cannot occur w/o variation
Fitness is a relative measure that will change as the environment changes
Fitness is simply understood as differential reproductive success
Darwin Conclusions
Where intraspecies variations come from
How heredity works
Modern Synthesis *
Mendell: first discovered heredity -> used basic math in biology to make discovery
What Darwin Didn't Know
Height of stem
Position of flower
Color of Pea (yellow or green peas)
Pea Plant -> Mendell (7 different characteristics)
Sep 12,
Sep 12/12: Natural Selection
7:35 AM
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