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Lecture 19

ANTHR101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 19: Universal Binary, Emic And Etic

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Francois Larose

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November 30, 2018 Chapter 12 & 15: Political Anthropology Cont.
Courts of Regulation o These courts only exist in state-organized
societies o Not influence based; only authority
o Provide social control for societies with people from various cultures and/or
from various social classes
o They are enforced and interpreted by law specialists
E.g. lawyers, judges, police officers
Legal Systems o Needs to Include:
Legal authority
Universal application
Laws created must be obeyed by everyone and there’s no
exceptions. Everyone is subject to the law.
Legal rights and duties
Punishments need to fit the crime and applied equally to everyone
o Way to determine in a fair manner what the laws are and what are going be the
o There are exceptions to charging two people differently for the same crime
e.g. previous offenses, mental state, bias, age, etc.
Other forms of Social Control o Rewards
Give people the incentive to behave accordingly with rewards
E.g. money, awards, etc.
Sometimes works better than the threat of punishment o Rebellion
Want the government to change something that they are doing o
Leads to a new government not always a new form of
government, could be wanting a new leader
o War
(or the threat of warfare)
Can be a way to control what other governments are doing
All societies are going to have some form of social control
November 30, 2018 - Chapter 16: Religion & Culture
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