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ART H101 Lecture Notes - Archaic Smile, Kouros, Peristyle

Art History
Course Code
ART H101
Hoyne Santa- Balazs

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Kouros dates to 600Bc
very similar to Egyptian styles
archaic period onwards borrowed notion of ideal from E but very naturalistic
150yrs later dramatic change
Kouros were painted w wax, sculpted at the height of youth, sculpture in the round
free of social status. The lack of clothes to stand for the virtuous values.
The Male body in a naturalistic observational way to represent the virtues.
Archaic period made in marble. After 480 in the classical period the Greeks perfect
bronze casting on a massive scale., medium of choice in human representation was
bronze, the techniques allowed for a more life like image.
Kore=female figure but not paragon of virtues
Frequently commissioned by individuals used a grave markers or votive offerings
75 yrs. later 5-18
Kuros figure demonstration how much more naturalistic.
Archaic sculptures are special bc of their pose of even weight distributions, stiff striding,
observation based stylized. Face is always the small, the archaic smile not narrative,
Ceretian boy, 490/480 BCE
much more natural, not done by signs but by the muscles themselves, weight f the
body on the back leg counter poise, a manner of representing the body in a way so
that its weight appear to be shifted to the back of the body, is asymmetry calculated.
No Archaic smile, more severe expression.
A handsome body = a finely drawn soul
The Greek hero is never prefect, he always has one flaw. Just one notch down from
the Gods
The notion of the Superheroʼs
In Greek Myth, none of them die from a long life, because their noble ambitions are
revealed by their noble flaws.
A Kore figure the women is always clothes, not meant to be nude. in Archaic period 5-19
525 ish strict symmetrical posture.
Centre of Apollo at Delphi #5-5, Greek theatre taught ppl about these values
Patsuem temple dedicated to the Goddess Hera and the larger one century later 550Bc
Probably made for Poisidon. numerical ratios that coded for order and building meaning.
proricterol and dicterol
peristyle a single row of columns that surrounds building or a courtyard, two rows
Stereobates, lower two steps, nd the (stylobates) is the top one that is also the floor of
the temple
Doric style Orders Oldest - columns sit directly on the floor. had wider fluting
Ionic Orders -
Corinthian Orders -
buildings held together by a system of peg and molten lead
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