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Etruscans and the Arch

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Art History
ART H101
Hoyne Santa- Balazs

Etruscans E Sculpture, very close trading culture, had free-standing(often bronze) sculpture and architectural sculpture. #6-5 Vulca, is fired clay was probably on top of a temple. E didn't use nudity as a artistic device!!!!! In E and Roman art clothes code for social status. #6-3 Vitruvius, roman architect and architect historian so analysed roman and Greek and Etruscan architecture. E temple had a large front porch but not a wrap around like a Greek. Emphatic one-point access. #6-4. half of the foot print of the building would be the porch and then the other half the rooms/temple rooms. They Liked hollowed fired clay better then marble. Do a bit of revealed construction. Building materials: timber mud-brick, exterior w terracotta. Lavishly decorate the exterior. #6-2 very different, E made something, that the Romans were credited with: the round arch. This allowed them to span larger spaces. The E used it in bridges, structure in tunnelling, in aqueducts(R). Voussoirs = each slightly wedge shaped block. Barrel Vault Round arch Groin Vault Annular Vault
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