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Roman Graffiti

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Art History
ART H101
Hoyne Santa- Balazs

Art History Nov 29th 29.1 Roman Graffiti, scrawling on walls. Made by soldiers. The man is obviously Christian bc he is saluting a Christ on the Cross whoʼs head has been switched out for an donkeyʼs. Title : Alexamenos Dysius(Emperor) and 2nd Emp Diaclician was the one that instituted waves of Christian eradication's. He had some good ideas and in the 4th 5th century they divide up Rome, but these problems started in the 3rd cent. The Empire was also frequently being attacked by outsiders normally from the north. Constantine tried to stabilizing things, he made Edict of Milan (313AD) guaranteed religious freedom to everyone in the Roman empire. Within a couple of decades he made it the state religion. But before that it was lowly cult, in the lowly province of Judea. it was headache for the Romans. Christianity was very appealing to slaves because of equality before God. The christians were set apart from others because of their moral behaviours in comparison to the Romans. It made it really hard to socially because of it as well. But bc of this until the 5th CE there is no art that is uniquely Christian. Catacomb: An underground cemetery consisting of ch
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