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ART H101 Lecture Notes - Post-It Note, Aerial Perspective, Tessera

Art History
Course Code
ART H101
Hoyne Santa- Balazs

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Arch of Constantine early 4th CE, dedicated by the senate. Also used it as a staging
device, called a triumph involving the army and loot. Constantineʼs arch is interesting bc
it used recycled elements, to remind people of health and life in the empire in the past.
Used to remind ppl of the past bc it is now the beginning of the end. To remind
Constantine what made Rome great was sticking to Roman values.
SPOLIAS: Round medallions, despoiling something, wrecking something to make
something new to make a historical point. has nothing to do w shape
SERIFS: text convention still in use today, pointy endings on the end of letters, creating
micro shadows making text much more readable
INSULA: urban houses, like the apartment building. high density, for plebs. common
kitchens on ground floor, common latrines, made of Bricks and concrete. Ground floor
was also commercial, taverns pubs etc. few windows, small if there were.
DOMUS: Single family 1-2 story villa/home. Not in high density Rome
It was a port city for every 7 citizens there was a prostitute in to match, not as densely
pop as Rome. BC of the explosion we have an idea of the Roman Domus. Full self
contained structures, open feel, for the layout not a lot of compartmentalized spaces,
and were open upwards, over a pool in the middle, allowed for easy lighting.
Tablinum: family historic busts, deeds to property there. Peristyle with pool. Dinning
room. A Winter dining room.
CUBICULUM: sleeping chamber/bedroom
Mosaics: MADE UP OF SMALL CUBE TILES made of glass or marble all cubes are
called tessera
Pompeii really good for wall painting histories. has four stages/ styles. Its about
illusionism. Each new technique added to the visual arsenal of the previous style.
1st: Simple geometric, trying to fake marble or agate etc. Non-figurative. over-top of the
plaster while wet thin layer of wax that could be polished to protect and saturated colour.
2nd: Faking the illusion of space. ʼTrompe lʼoeilʼ a range of techniques that try to
simulate reality so that it look like your looking out a window perhaps./ architectural style
attempt on the part of the artist to make the architecture dissolve and disappear./
3rd: Perspective techniques, using divergent and intuitive perspective. I: further away
means long and skinny like how we see things in life. D: things further away diverge
from each other. Atmospheric perspective things in the distance are surrounded by
atmosphere like air and water, things get blurry.
4th: 1+2+3= VOILA!!!
Women were depicted always as very put together. often w a roman sticky note and
stylus. An erect penis was a good lucky charm and or a road marker.
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