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Art Transitions

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Art History
ART H102
Hajnalka Santa- Balazs

When writing an essay y contextbackground when y contentsubject matter what y meaning why y formal elements how y receptionTransition from LateMedieval to Early Renaissance y Renaissancerebirth 14001550 can be used to mark an ideology or philosophy bring about thought of the ideals of the time regarding intellectuals and the writers of history y Renaissance was preceded by a series of changes from about the 1300s onwards from political to economic to social changes The developments however are gradual and overlapping and occasionally halted and were reversed eg when the plague first hits Europe and decemates the populationand what would happen to politics economics during these pandemic situations The preceding period the Middle Ages the age of faith came to ththbe termed as such because it designates a period between the 813 c in which there was a reinvisioning of the Roman empire along Christian lines The Classical LegacyClassical World was a time defined by reason thfollowing the legacy of ancient Greece and ancient Rome 18 c enlightenment period thinkers consider religion to be oppressive to reason they see the ancient Greeks as such beautiful artists due to their freedom from religion and their acts through democracythy For an 18 c rationalist the idea of a king as the vicar of christ is incredibly oppressive as it is a thing created by man and imposed by man in t
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