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Photography and Colonial Expansion

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Art History
ART H210
Andrea Korda

Wed February 12012Photography and Colonial ExpansionEuropean photographer moving east BourneBourne Valley and Snowy peaks seen form the Hamta pass Spiti side 186366 Albumen print from wet collodion negativeImages didnt circulate well in the 1800sBourne was a banker in England and quit to take up photography in 1862 moved to IndiaProduced over 2000 negativesThis image was taken out in the mountains and thinking of all the equipment he would have needed being a wet collodion process this would have been a lot of work He would have had his glass plates which are larger 10x so his camera would have been larger as wellHe had 40 servants with himLots of challenges scenery wasnt suited for picturesque images it had to be more suitable as art rather then nature Wanted to see the landscapes as something someone would WANT to buyGilpin Beautiful and picturesque mountain landscape 1792 Made books on how to take walks and find picturesque photosAdd things to the image to make it picturesqueBetween the beautiful and sublimeBourne was trying to mimic Gilpins work and create those picturesque imagesImages like this could be threatening so the he was trying to calm things down by creating this calm peaceful images mountains flow gently down into the valley where the river flowsTrying to avoid too much drama Bourne The Manning pass Himalaya India 1866 Bourne A bit on the new road 1866 Took a lot of work to get this right viewAdd a bit was the type of language Gilpin used in his book again Bourne is mimicking him by using it as a titleGetting a sense of looking over the image right side making it more sublime
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