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University of Alberta
Art History
ART H210
Andrea Korda

Monday Feb 27 2012 Chapter 7 Documenting Modern Life Martin Dancing to the organ Lambeth 1893 Gelatin dry Plate Platinum printStarted as an engraverTurned photos into engravings for booksPhotojournalismHandheld detective cameraNo one notices Martin Caught Off to Bridewell police station c 1900Informal street SceneGlass plates Martin A porter at Billingsgate Market 1893Magazine Seller Ludgate Circus 1900 Platinum PrintUrban modern cityMore spontaneousBlurring in the background because action was not stopped for the photo Martin Swimming in the Serpentine Hyde Park 1900Couple on Yarmouth Sands 1894Going out and taking these spontaneous candid imagesBoys are kind of shocked that he is thereCouple doesnt even noticeAtget 19081925Photographs ParisUsing old technologies o Albumen paper glass plates and gelatinEnds up being influential to later artists surrealistsWonder the streets looking for interesting viewsHas a larger camera so still using a tripod old technologyWould go out early in the morning o capture empty spacesSold his photographs o Many artists purchased for artistic studiesHired by the city to photograph monuments of the cityInterested in the urban city not modern city o Alley ways character architectural areas of the citySpaces left alone Alley way vs The CafCaf is more modernPre modern Paris papered over the remains of old buildings
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