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Art History
ART H210
Andrea Korda

Wednesday Feb 29 2012CRIMINAL LIKENESSMeasurement room of the service Anthropometrique Paris c1887 Measuring head with Calipers Paris c1887Taken in Anthropromephric departmentThis room was made for this purposePromoted by Barteon in police department and headed up this programBertillon Usefulness of Ears c1887Ear is important because the ear will remain the same when they change other appearances Identity Card for a Man c1891Speaking likenessesMan has different measurements all aroundMade for repeated offenders Synoptic Table of facial expressions for the purposes of systematic Identification according to Bertillons systemSystematic approach to identify peopleVariations on how these appear on peopleSystematic approach to criminalityCriminality read on the bodyread on the characteristics of facesMug shots start to appearMaking it difficult for criminals to get away Jewish ProstituteCollecting different mug shots with their name and description about them and what they doShared storiesMore formalized system for mug shotsNot very efficient all in one LARGE albumThey had to rifle through to find them and if not there a new shot was madeStrong influence to get the system in place Jewish Prostitute vs People of IndiaBoth images have a description and numberedIdentity card to get population under control
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