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University of Alberta
Art History
ART H210
Andrea Korda

Wednesday March 7 2012 Chapter 8 continued Hoch Cut with the kitchen knife 1919 PhotomontageDADA anti Artuses photomontageRebelling against the institution of artCut up images from journals and newspaper and restructuredIllegible and chaoticChallenge status quo and expectations The Beautiful Girl 1920 PhotomontageImages cut up and repositioned and then re photographed to be reproducedModern industrial elements BMW symbolsBeautiful girl sitting in the middle in a bathing suit which was new showing a lot of skin with a light bulb head About speed and light and modernism commercialismEvoking a sense of optimism and all the new technologies to help shine a light on women Grotesque 1963Making monstrous character From an Ethnographic Museum series 1920s 30s PhotomontageJournal ethnographic collections objects that were dedicated to museums that were not western artBringing together 2 dis similar objects 1920s magazines with objects that were seen as primitiveHoch would have seen it as a utopian lightNot things we would have been questioned in original form and she put them together very strange way and giving us a critical eye Put them in contrast in strange forms to disrupt your expectationsContrasting elements that dont really go togetherNew perspectives on the world want to disrupt the usual way of how we view the worldFragmentation unexpected juxtapositions and putting them into new relationships to make you think again
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