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Art History
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Andrea Korda

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Monday March 12 2012Moholy Nagy Goertz 1925Exploited for political purposes at firstAbstract photogram for themAdapted for advertisingFashionable and new outlook on the modernStand in for modern outlook Renger Patzsch The world is beautiful book published 1928 Gelatin silver printsClose up on angles and details in objects buttons and plantNew objectivity or new visionnew perspectives and angles on photography at this timeSeeing things inn a new modern wayAppreciated for their forms and patternsSeeking out analogies between industry and natureLooking for abstract patterning in everything not taking into thought of functionLooking at forms and designSimilarities new perspectives Rodchenko and MoholyNagy were political Renger didnt have a political vision he was about looking at how the world isCriticized his work being art for art sakePhotography had potential for the art for the masses and that Renger was creating art like paintingsIntent and aims are quit different but similar in ideas of perspectives and looking at things differentlyArmed vision disarmedweapon to style attention to form was radical and used as a weapon but it is really disarmed in the sense of being stripped away from the normal viewCoffee advertisementHired to do advertising that look similar to his photographs in his book Finsler 1930Eggs that look so significant because of the lightingAlso did advertising can see the advertisement for most cupcakes
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