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Art History
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ART H306
Andrea Korda

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art h 306 feb 11th Chicago style midterm modern- frith”-popular artist. panoramic painting. people take their time, to look at surface; derby day:- horse race, about the crowd, social ,mixing. new mixing. painting is a lot about looking, within characters, everybody is looking at each other. all observing each other, while we observe them. gent: emulating high class, interest in high fashion. -new city dweller, wants to look fashionable. slender, city. reckless, not dependable. punch, relied on physiognomy helps you know who these characters are. -build, faces, to get the story. railway station:-painted from models and photographs. looking for people to look like stereotypes to paint. ideas about class and society people watching, picking out specific types. known danger, who you shouldn't associate with. reading the crowd, Galton,- classification of a criminal. people of india- classification. -recording people, going to be able to identify people and put them in categories. Alphonze, betheone. identified with body measurements. bertillon) -usefulness of ears. -mug shots, identity cards.- photograph, with all measurements. victorian mugshots, england: -Manchester, 1883- resistant rebecca -jewish prostitute.- what she does, when, compared to people of india.- p of india, havent done anything like
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