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BIOCH 200 (April 4, 2014) - Glucose Metabolism

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BIOCH 200 Glucose Metabolism (April 4, 2014) • Why does pyruvate require anaerobic fate? o So it can be used to produce useful compounds even in the absence of oxygen. Pyruvate has no useful purpose as is.  Ex. lactate  (NOT an acid) via lactate dehydrogenase • *The “lactic acid” myth o *Lactic acid is not being produced, only lactate o *The acidic environment that led to this myth comes from the release of H+ ions into the muscle cells caused by the pyruvate to lactate conversion o *With rest, [lactate] goes down as well as [H+] because they are symported out thus taking the acidity with it. • Causes muscle cramping when muscles partake in anaerobic exercise o Leaves muscle tissue by being exported by a specific membrane transport protein • *A “dead-end” product that has no useful purpose… in muscle tissue that is! o *Lactate can be used as metabolic fuel for cardiac muscles. How?  1) Converted back into pyruvate • In doing so, reduced NAD+ back into NADH which can now travel to the ETC  2) Converted to Acetyl-CoA and CO2 • This reduces another NAD+ into NADH  Then it is oxidized by CAC (Citric Acid Cycle) • Glycolysis Produces: o 2 pyruvate o 2 NADH o Net yield of 2 ATP molecules • *Pyruvate  Acetyl CoA (aerobic pathway of pyruvate) o *Catalyzed by pyruvate dehydrogenase complex (PDH)  *What happens: • *Oxidative decarboxylation (which is actually just oxidation and decarboxylation) • *Transacetylation (transfer of acetyl to Coenzyme A)  Cofactors needed: • N
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