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BIOCH 200 (April 9, 2014) - The Citric Acid Cycle

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Walter Dixon

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BIOCH 200 – The Citric Acid Cycle (April 9, 2014) Note: Class did not have time to cover the whole gluconeogenesis section of course • *I-Clicker Question: The rate of the citric acid cycle would be decreased under which of the following conditions? o A) The ATP/ADP ratio is high o B) The ADP/ATP ratio is low o C) The NAD+/NADH ratio is low o D) B and C o E) A, B, and C • *The citric acid cycle is an amphibolic pathway o *Has Energy Capture Steps o *Creates intermediates than can be used to build cell components  *Intermediates used up in processes other than energy production must replenished by anapluerotic reactions  Many reactions may be anapluerotic • Animo acid breakdown • Pyruvate carboxylase o Allosterically activated by Acetyl-CoA o Excess [Acetyl-CoA] will deactivate pyruvate carboxylase though •
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