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BIOCH 200 (April 2, 2014) - Glucose Metabolism

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Walter Dixon

BIOCH 200 – Glucose Metabolism (April 2, 2014) • *The overall equation for glycolysis: • *Gross yield: amount that is produced • *Net yield: total amount produced after taking into consideration the cost • Glycolysis rate is tightly regulated o *Only happens enough to make sure cells are getting the energy that they need and wasting minimal amount of fuel o *Also, glycolysis rate is regulated to make sure that intermediates produced are sufficient enough in number for carrying out other important cell functions or participate in the reactions that create such molecules. • Why does gluconeogenesis occur when glycogen can just be broken down to make it?? o *Sometimes glucose is needed for the creation of certain molecules and not for the production of ATP  *Like creating nucleotide building blocks • Ex. ribose 5-phosphate • *Metabolic flux: movement of metabolites through a pathway (forward or reverse; fast or slow) o *Rate is affected by:  Substrate availability  Alteration of enzyme activity • Ex. binding of molecules to enzymes’ allosteric sites o This is short-term type of regulation  Alteration of amount of enzyme • Amount of transcription of the enzymes gene is affected o This is a long-term type of regulation because these changes do not happen/disappear quickly  Compartmentation – some enzymes are only active or present in certain “compartments” • Ex. so
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