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BIOCH 200 (March 5, 2014) - Enzymes

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Walter Dixon

BIOCH 200 Enzymes (March 5, 2014) This is basically a review of Friday’s Substitute Lecture so a lot of this material has already been mentioned in last times notes. Therefore, I will emphasis both the important and new points brought up in class. (You won’t be seeing any “*” this time haha) • Heat accelerates reaction rate by increasing particle collision rate o Means that there are more chances for the reactants to collide in the orientation that leads to reaction initiation. • Enzymes decrease the frequency at which side reaction may occur. • There are 6 major classes/categories of enzymes… Dr. Dixon tells us one for the meantime  oxidoreductases o We will learn of the others soon • Enzymes are flexible to an extent but too much strain will lead to denaturation • Exergonic = exothermic = heat-releasing • Activation energy = Energy Barrier o The lower it is, the faster the reaction proceeds • ΔG does not dictate the rate that the reaction will proceed in… in fact, the rxn reaction could also be a very slow one o Is the value is negative, the reaction is sai
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