Notes about H5N1 for biology seminar

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Biology (Biological Sciences)
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Describe the general structure and function of a Type A influenza virus15 protein capsid single strand RNA eight sections each with a gene encode for 10 proteins HA hemagglutinin antigen break into host cells attach to sialic receptors of cellemploy ribosomes to produce peptides specific to virusNA Neuraminidase helps viruses escape and infect cells16 strains of HA 9NA subtypes humans only exposed to H1H2H3infects host cells gets RNA replicated treats cell as factorysphereical HA NA proteins projected from sphere10ug lipid bilayer protein matrixion channel M2 poreBriefly what is the typical human immune response to an infection by this virus 10 target HA and NA genetic mutation stops thisBasic immune firstsecond antibodies attack specific antigen if mutation occurs process starts again govt stock piling antiviral drugs affects M2 pore proteincytokines first l
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