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University of Alberta
Biology (Biological Sciences)
Michael Harrington

Bio 207 PAL th Week of Oct. 15 Sex Chromosomes and Allele Interactions 1) The A gene controls scale colour for dragons. Individuals with two copies of the A1 allele have blue scales and individuals with two copies of the A2 allele have green scales. However, individuals heterozygous for the A gene are green and blue spotted. You cross a green-blue spotted female dragon with a blue scaled male dragon. The progeny of this cross are: 50 blue female, 50 spotted female, 50 blue male, 50 green male. Explain the reason for these phenotypic ratios and draw a Punnett square of this cross. 2) a) The white gene in Drosophila normally produces flies with red eyes. When the white gene is mutant, flies have white eyes. The white gene is located on the X chromosome. Perform a reciprocal cross and show what the results will be for this X-linked gene. List both the phenotypes of the parents and progeny for each cross. b) What do you notice about the female progeny? The male progeny? c) What would be the phenotypes of the progeny if the white gene was not X-linked. 3) The Q locus in
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