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Biology (Biological Sciences)
Michael Harrington

Name __________________________ Biology 207 A1 - Fall 2011 - Midterm Two ------------------------------------------Version 1-------------------------------------------------- Instructions 1. Make sure you have all 4 pages. 2. Put your name on this page and your student ID number on the other pages. 3. No source materials or electronic devices other than non-programmable calculators and watches are permitted. 4. Your answers must be concise, legible, and in the space provided or on the back of the page if necessary. 5. You have 50 minute to complete this exam. Marks Question 1 / 1 Question 2 / 5 Question 3 / 10 Question 4 / 10 Total / 26 Biology 207 A1 - Fall 2011 - Midterm Two - ID _________________ 2 Question 1 What is a gene? (1 mark) Question 2 In Drosophila the black (b) and cinnabar (cn) genes are 9.0 mu apart on chromosome 2. Flies homozygous for the b allele have black instead of tan bodies. Flies - homozygous for the cn allele ha-e o-ange instead of red eyes. If you were to take male flies from a pure-breeding b cn strain and mate them with females from a wild type strain the F males and females would be phenotypically wild type. 1 a) Draw this cross showing the genotypes of the P and F flies. 12 marks) b) If you mated the F m1les and females together what proportion of the F would 2 have black bodies AND orange eyes? Include a Punnett square in your answer. (3 marks) Biology 207 A1 - Fall 2011 - Midterm Two - ID _________________ 3 Question
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