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University of Alberta
Biology (Biological Sciences)
Michael Harrington

Biology 207 - Practice questions 2 - Answers Question 1 The Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM) database is a catalog of human genetics. As an example of how it works try looking up the two human Telomerase components TERT (the protein) and TERC (the RNA). a) What do the abbreviations TERT and TERC stand for? TERT stands for Telomerase Reverse Transcriptase and TERC stands for Telomerase RNA Component. b) What is the cytological locations of these genes? TERT is at 5p15.33 (chromosome 5, short arm, region 1, band 5, sub-band 33) while TERC is at 3q21-q28 (chromosome 3, long arm, region 2, between bands 1 and 8). c) Find these genes on the human chromosome figure from the lecture 2 handout. Note that individual genes are too small to be seen on human chromosomes. Each band contains approximately 64 genes (32 000 genes / 500 bands). The location of the TERT gene has been narrowly defined but the location of the TERC gene is just an estimate. Question 2 Make a timeline showing the events of a typical cell cycle (G1, S, G2, mitosis, cytokinesis) and add when Histones, Cohesins, and Condensins are added to DNA and when they are removed. Question 3 A human cell is a / a . Make diagrams showing this gene and its chromosome in a cell in (i) interphase, (ii) metap
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