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Lecture 11

Lecture 11 - Apoptosis - Student - Filled In

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Biology (Biological Sciences)
Torah Kachur

Biology 201Dr Torah KachurLecture 11ApoptosisIntroduction We have been discussing how cells can divide and how that division can be controlledHowever the pathways controlling where and when a cell dies are critical to maintaining the health of an organismApoptosis or Programmed Cell Death is a major cellular pathway that is highly controlled by both intra and extracellular signals Objectives Define Apoptosis cytochrome c cell survival factors caspase Bcl2 apoptosome phagocytosisOutline three examples of when a cell would want to undergo apoptosisDescribe the cellular changes that occur once apoptosis is triggeredOutline two antiapoptotic signalsOutline three proapoptotic signals or conditionsExplain the function of a caspaseHow are caspases activatedOutline the function of the mitochondria in apoptosis what other function does the mitochondria haveDescribe 2 main targets of Bcl2How is Bcl2 activatedDescribe two possible ways that a cancer cell could avoid apoptosis Lecture Outline1 Purpose Page 591592 1
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