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Lecture 7

BIOL 207 (09/23/13) Lecture 7: Consequences of Mutation (con't)

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University of Alberta
Biology (Biological Sciences)
Mike Harrington

BIOL 207 (September 24, 2013) Lecture 7: Consequences of Mutation (con’t)  When it comes to mutation caused by base pair mutations, keep in mind that single base substitutions are EXTREMELY more likely than 2+ bp substitutions. So much more likely that figuring out how many ways you can get a histamine from an arginine is just dependant on how many possible single bp substitutions are needed only. (2 possible ways)  What does mutation do to a gene? o Neutral or ‘no effect’ o Hypomorph = decreased amount/activity of protein o Amorph = protein is not made at all or is totally useless The Contribution of the Environment  Genotype = genes and alleles already in an organism  Phenotype = visible characteristics of an organism  Genotype + environment = phenotype o Nature + Nurture  Neurospora with arg gene has 2 possible phenotypes: o In presence of arginine, phenotype = growth o In absence of arginine, phenotype = no growth  Another example is curly winged fruit flies. o Having the gene for curly wings it not enough. They also have to emerge from a pupa at temperature of 25 degrees Celsius
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